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We Can All 'DO" Reiki

Why Learn Reiki

When asked if anyone can learn Reiki, the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui replied:

“Of course, a man, woman, young or old, people with knowledge or without knowledge, anybody who has a common sense can receive the power accurately in a short time and can heal selves and others.”

People come to practice and learn reiki for so many different reasons. There are as many reasons as there are reiki students. Some include learning reiki to:

  • support a family member or themselves through an illness

  • provide reiki as a preventative measure against sickness for themselves, their children, partners and family

  • support themselves during stressful periods and increase their well being

  • allow themselves to feel relaxed just like they do when receiving a reiki treatment

  • manage their pain and ease their suffering

  • go further with their own healing journey

  • compliment other holistic modalities e.g. massage, physiotherapy, yoga, etc