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It can happen to us all, and there's no shame in it.. stressful times can hit us all.

Sometimes stress creeps up on us slowly and quietly, and then other times it can hit us like a brick wall. There's no type of stress more important than another, and it is irrelevant to others your type of stress as 'we' humans all have different levels of tolerance and coping mechanisms.

There are many people who 'live' stressful lives; maybe due to work environments/living or family conditions/past life experiences...... And then there are other people who live relatively calm life styles but stress hits them due to an 'out-of-their-normal- situation'; and this can be equally debilitating and difficult to negotiate.

I recently nursed my dog after he had knee surgery. Now, whilst I love him dearly, it was a traumatic 5 days post-op whilst the anaesthetic/ tramadol medication exited his body, and he was agitated and non-stop whining. With very little sleep and the lack of ability to communicate properly with him; it left me feeling totally stressed, fustrated and upset... emotions that thankfully I'm not used to on a regular basis. So, what did I do?

Very often, the obvious choice is to do nothing, as everything feels like an enormous effort. But, making the first move will always be the hardest and so it's one worth making.

I couldn't leave him on his own so that hindered my normal coping strategies, and the constant whining made it difficult to focus on anything, ie: reading/meditating.

So, I had to amend things as best as possible. I stood outside the patio door bare footed, so that I could still see him but also feel and absorb Mother Earth. I stayed there for 1 minute periods so that I could breathe, but Dexter could still see me.

In the hour slots he did sleep, because I was feeling so wound up, I couldn't drop off to sleep the minute he choose too. So I played guided meditations when he did sleep. This at least allowed my mind to calm down a bit and reset; even if it wasn't complete restoring sleep.

I did a lot of batch cooking!! Again an activity that allowed me to be in his vicinity but gave me something else to focus on other than his whining and agitation.

I gave him Reiki whilst he did sleep and that also allowed me to clear my own energy system which helped enormously.

And so by day 5 as he started to feel 'better'; I too bounced back. After a good nights sleep, we both felt so much better and back to our normal selves.

I honestly believe having those strategies in place, and practising breathing and meditation on a daily basis, it helped me get through those very challenging 5 days. Whether it's walking, reading, meditating, exercising or simply sitting still and quietly; all these coping mechanisms really need to be practised daily to enable you to 'ride the storms' with greater ease.

Getting your coping mechanisms in place before stress hits is so important AND useful to do.

And it's never to let to start adding self care strategies into your daily life style.

Every month you could come and join us in Meditation Medley; and use the 1 hour guided session as a practise / reminder opportunity for you to take with you throughout the rest of the month.

Another hugely beneficial tool that I can offer you is of course Reiki and this April you will have the chance to come along and learn all of the techniques and self care skills that Reiki has to offer. Reiki, quite simply, has changed my life, and so I am a tad passionate in sharing it's benefits with you!!

I hope this blog has helped a tiny bit, and given you something to think about and hopefully take action with. If you need any further help or have any questions, then please email me:

Sent with light and blessings

Sharon x

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