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So, we're back from our holidays, having had a truly wonderful time.

Wales was perfect, the weather was sunshine all week, the sunsets and rises were spectacular and the locations/staycations were outstanding.

We laughed so much that we cried (on numerous occasions !!) and I made special memories with my 2 & 4 legged boys, that I could only have dreamed of - truly, truly blessed x

(this was the only 'sensible' foto of us both!!!!!!!)

One never truly appreciates just how beneficial time away is, until you're actually away.

For me, to switch off my fone, and not-keeping-checking-the-time was just pure bliss!

To explore, have adventures and experience new and different things is both relaxing and recharging at the same time.

To STOP STILL and take time to look at the view, smell the sea air and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin was quite simply HEAVEN........

To spend endless hours 'just chatting' with Jake (and Dexter!!) was priceless.

And to feel freedom was so up-lifting.

Having such a worthy break has left me feeling 'fresh' and completely 'new'...... hahaha

And I am so looking forward to starting the month of September and getting back to

'our routine'.

There are so many great things already in my diary for the last quarter of this year, and as my favourite season of the year approaches; I am excited by all of the possible opportunities ahead.

Fingers crossed the Block of Classes booking system works out well (?!?!?!) and I am actually feeling 'optimistic' with the wealth of information/work/and functions that I can continue to add to the website.. (the possibilities via Wix are amazing; I just need to explore & learn!)

I have a couple more qualifications I wish to complete before the end of the year for my own self development and there are new courses that I am now ready to host and deliver over the next few months, which is very exciting!! ALL WILL BE REVEALED SOON!!!!!!

Whilst life certainly does feel more 'normal'; I am going to keep the classes online via Zoom at least for the next 7 weeks.

Online Zoom delivery will now be a permanent part of my business; so for those of you who love the present format, then fear not, Zoom is here to stay!!

But moving forward, there maybe a need/wish for 1 class or 2 to return back to the Studio/ Community Hall. I have absolutely no plans in place, only open to options at the moment. So maybe over the next month you may wish to drop me an email with your thoughts??

I am trying to locate a Poll option on the website to forward to you all, but I haven't quite found out how to do that yet, so please bear with me ?!?!?!?!?!?

Once again, I want to thank you all most sincerely for supporting me and the website, and your patience and willingness to learn new technical skills - hahahahahaha

Whilst there have been a few issues, mainly due to my lack of technical knowledge; I have been comforted to learn that many of my colleague-business users have experienced similar if not worst technical problems, and so to be honest, I don't think we've done too badly!!!!!!!!

The World switched to online overnight, and there weren't many of us prepared for that. However, in hindsight, and as my Dad clearly pointed out, my Pilates classes did need dragging into the 21st century (this is from the man who constantly moans because he can't work his Iphone!!!) So, what a wonderful 'positive' to come out of the last 18 months.

I endeavour to be more pro-active with technology as we keep moving forward, but ultimately its my classes and personal training sessions, not to forget my Reiki and Meditation that excites me the most and where my heart and desires will always lie.

I will never stop trying to provide you all with the best instruction and progression possible; and will continue to give you my very best version at all times x

And finally, as always, I welcome any thoughts, feedback, suggestions and comments with regards to your involvement and beyond. It is because of you all, that I continue to grow, mentally, physically and spiritually, and so your input is vital to me. Thank You x

SO, it leaves me only to wish you all a Happy Bank Holiday, continued thanks for everything, and roll on September when we can all 'see' each other again and get back to the

fun 'n' frolics..!!!!!!!!!!

Sent with light and blessings, and much gratitude

Sharon x

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