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So, we're back from our holidays, having had a truly wonderful time.

Wales was perfect, the weather was sunshine all week, the sunsets and rises were spectacular and the locations/staycations were outstanding.

We laughed so much that we cried (on numerous occasions !!) and I made special memories with my 2 & 4 legged boys, that I could only have dreamed of - truly, truly blessed x

(this was the only 'sensible' foto of us both!!!!!!!)

One never truly appreciates just how beneficial time away is, until you're actually away.

For me, to switch off my fone, and not-keeping-checking-the-time was just pure bliss!

To explore, have adventures and experience new and different things is both relaxing and recharging at the same time.

To STOP STILL and take time to look at the view, smell the sea air and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin was quite simply HEAVEN........

To spend endless hours 'just chatting' with Jake (and Dexter!!) was priceless.