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Easy Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Health

Let's Make A Good Start To The Brighter Version Of YOU!

We all know sleep and exercise are crucial to our health but working enough of both into our schedules can feel overwhelming and cause us to give up entirely on looking after ourselves.

But I want to encourage you to not fall into that trap of feeling hopeless about your health because you’re not making it the gym regularly and you’re not getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Don't put so much pressure on "changing everything" to get a new you,,,

but just focus on simple daily tasks as a way to IMPROVE YOU!

So have a look of these 7 easy things you can do starting today, to improve your health and well-being.......

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere

And when you’re at home, pour out 2L of water into your bottle every morning and keep it with you at all times,,, that way you will ensure you drink the recommended daily amount and keep your body properly hydrated,,,

Drinking 2L of water every day is one thing I do really well when I'm in my work/parent routine, mainly because I have my water bottle with me at all times,,, if my water is to hand, it stops my drinking coffee/tea/fizzy drinks as a Jo matter of convenience (but anyway I don't buy fizzy drinks, so am never tempted!!!). Drinking water won’t solve all your problems, but it is an easy way to improve your health and immune system,, improve your skin and keep your internal organs and muscle in a good hydrated condition,,,


There are simple ways to clear your mind with different meditation techniques.

I have experienced periods of anxiety and over-thinking situations, in the past, but I started meditating (clearing my mind) for just 5 minutes a day,, and even though it was near impossible to achieve it in those early days,, I can now meditate for 20 minutes a day with ease,,,, and find it useful for shorter periods of time throughout the day when life

un-expectantly throws in a negative situation,,,,

Start your day with hot lemon water

I always start my day off with hot lemon water,, (it's my addiction!!!) not only does it refresh and prepare my mind for the day ahead,, but its benefits are tremendous for my digestive system. You can't beat a freshly cut lemon in the morning,, but in the eventuality of being caught short without one,, I always have bottled lemon juice in the cupboard too, as back up,, or when I'm on holiday,,

You can also use essential oils and aromatherapy of lemons to help you relax and improve your mood, but if you don’t have any lemon oils to hand , simply cut open a lemon and breathe in the aroma.

Keep a container of washed, cut-up vegetables ready to eat in your fridge

It’s so much easier it is to eat a few extra vegetables during the day when they are already washed and staring at you when you open the fridge.

If you need a little dip to improve the taste, go ahead… it’s better than grabbing a biscuit or piece of cake,,,

Add Epsom Salts to your bath

Adding epsom salts to a bath is an easy and relaxing way to treat yourself and improve your health at the same time. The magnesium absorbs through your skin and helps your muscles relax. There are numerous health benefits and it’s simple and affordable.

Whilst I prefer to shower for efficiency, I started a new habit of once a week soaking in the bath with epsom salts and can honestly say that i've noticed a difference in my skin and muscles.


Stretch your muscles — they need it, take a few minutes every day to stretch. If you can get to a Yoga/Pilates or Stretch Class that’s even better. But if not, just a few stretches on your bedroom carpet first thing in the morning will make an improved difference. It doesn't have to be a complicated drawn out routine, just a few basic stretches for the larger muscles of your body,,,,

and DON'T RUSH THEM...!!

Keep your teeth and gums clean

Obviously you brush your teeth regularly — you’re an adult. But did you realise how important oral health is to your overall health?

Using an electric toothbrush makes good oral hygiene so much easier to achieve,,

Just 2 minutes twice a day can have a good impact on the removal of toxins from the body, not to mention enhancing the dazzling smile that you'll be wearing due to feeling so much happier with the improved YOU,,,!!!

I could go on and on, as there are so many little, subtle daily tasks you can do to

IMPROVE YOURSELF ,, but I thinks that's enough for now,, easy to achieve and simple to maintain........

NOW go on, give them a go,,, 💞

Sent With Light & Blessings

Sharon x

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