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Chakra Healing - 7 Day Healing Programme

Day 7: The Crown Chakra

Finally, today is the day to focus on the Crown Chakra, our Spiritual Centre, and the chakra that creates a bridge between yourself and the realm beyond, or the Universe.

Healing the Crown Chakra helps you feel more connected to the energy of the Universe and the collective unconscious.

* Declutter your home: Today, the 7th day, which was historically the 'day of rest'.. is already a great day for a weekly cleaning. I'm sure you’ve heard the quote, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Well, tidying your surroundings will help you feel less distracted by the material world and more connected to the Spiritual realm. So, start the day by spending a few hours organising and beautifying your home to nurture your Crown Chakra.

* Learn about new Spiritual ideals: Our lives are so busy that it might be hard to find time to learn about new Spiritual practices and ideals, so make time today to do your own research. Sometimes simply focusing on the Spiritual aspects of life helps to bring us closer to the Celestial Energy surrounding us.

* Practice energy work: Any type of energy work can help you clear and balance the Crown Chakra. Try Reiki Healing, Yoga, Acupuncture, or the Emotional Freedom Technique to clear your Spirit of any toxic or negative energy today.

* Take a bubble bath: Sometimes, what your body and mind need most at the end of a long week is a healing soak to clear your energy. Try running yourself a bubble bath today, complete with a lavender bath bomb, your favourite music, and maybe even a tipple of your favourite drink!

Letting go of the stresses of the week will help you sink into your Spiritual Centre, allowing the Crown Chakra to open and blossom.

By the time you’re finished with your cleansing soak, you should feel more refreshed and connected to the Universe than ever.