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Something for Everyone

At Mind-Posture-Soul we offer a variety of Classes, Treatments and 1-2-1 sessions. 
  • If you want to improve your Plank then why not join us for Pilates in one of our online Zoom classes.

  • Do you need the motivation of a Personal Trainer to improve your physical fitness then book a 1-2-1 session with Sharon.

  • Or maybe you need to take extra care of yourself by having a Reiki Healing Treatment                                   or learning how to Meditate.





personal training.jpg
personal training.jpg

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions give you privacy and flexibility, together with the undivided attention from a qualified and insured instructor. 


Your unique exercise program will be created to include all of your exercise requirements, health considerations and desired results.  

Appointments to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. Professional instruction available from a private, fully-equipped studio in all areas of fitness. See progress and get results fast.

Pilates Classes

Want to learn the basics of Pilates?

Adopt a healthier, stronger body?


All weekly classes follow and practice the Joseph Pilates Principles. In a class you will learn how to breathe effectively, strengthen your core area and visibly improve your posture. Pilates is widely recognised for having positive benefits for a large range of medical conditions, especially for symptoms related with painful, stiff backs, necks and joints.

Classes start from £6. 

and £4 for the Absolute Beginners Class.


Stretch & Relax Class

Come along and learn about the importance of Stretching your body, how to do it effectively, and with benefit. Then have the opportunity to cosy-up and Relax your entire body in candlelight.


You do not have to have any previous experience, be of a certain age or fitness level as anyone can participate in this class.

This class can be of huge benefit by melting away tension and relaxing the body and mind.

Remember to wear layers that can be peeled off and then put back on and have a blanket to hand for the Relaxation at the end!!

Workshops & Courses

Ever wondered why you keep getting back pain or stiffness?

Fed up of masking the pain with medication?

Can't sleep at night and really fed up of feeling lethargic and sluggish throughout your day?

Wish to develop your knowledge of Self Care and Self Healing by learning about you Chakra System?

Want to better understand the concept of Meditation, and learn how to do it properly?


Then come along to one of our Workshops, where you will learn and understand the answers to all of the above questions, plus so much more.

Our Workshops run regularly and are a fun-packed informative

2 hours. On-going support and community is encouraged and available.

Throughout 2023, you will be able to book one of our regular-run



You will receive hours of practical and theory tuition, handbook, certificate and on-going support, community and further development. 

Back workshop.jpg

Meditation Medley 

Would you like to learn how to meditate? 

Would you like to meditate regularly with other like-minded souls?

Do you want to just have some quiet time for YOU?


Then I would love to WELCOME you to my Meditation Medley.

You can learn, or continue your practiced meditation, seated comfortably on a chair or floor; or even from the comfort of your own bed!!

If you have any questions please get in touch so I can help you.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments are by appointment only 

1 to 1 Reiki Treatment - 120 mins £25  

Distance Reiki Treatments - 30 mins £10 


Allow 2 hours for your Reiki Treatment so you can fully relax and take advantage of the healing powers.

The Treatment takes place in my private Reiki Room.

Just to put your mind at rest all treatments are hands off so no touching is involved and you remain fully clothed throughout.

Online Yoga

Online Programs

There are a number of Online Programs available to you, covering a wide range of disciplines; such as Meditation, Eating Healthily, Pilates Anytime and more.....

These programs can be completed at your own pace, or follow the prescribed Steps.  Support groups are available within the Online Programs and access to Instructor guidance is ongoing.

What our clients say...

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